Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting Somewhere...

I am here.

I'm in Japan, loving it, annoying the heck out of Ajax, being crazy, tall, blonde and just all-around abnormal... and it is SO cool. 

The flights went well. I was on the first part of my trip on the plane with FAMU Rattler's Men's Basketball team. The second connecting flight I was on with the FSU Dive team on their way to Nationals.

The actual 12 hour flight from Minneapolis to Narita i had a row to myself. No, I did not luck out. I stalked my seat for a week. Changing it to the less crowded areas of the plane. I put myself in the WAY back (row 62, to be exact) and grabbed my coveted window seat. When I reserved my seat for the final time, there were many more seats around me. Just hoping for an extra seat next to me for some extra space... I got that plus an extra one! '

Napped, watched two movies, part of season one of Weeds, read a book, napped some more, ate 3 full meals and drank about a gallon of red wine by myself. Fabulous trip.

Got to the airport and sped through customs. Didn't have any issues navigating the airport. Everything had instructions in english as well as Japanese, very nice.Walked through the post-customs door and saw the boyfriend. YAY! He managed to finagle me onto the military bus going back to Atsugi. Got there, got the car and started to drive home.

I got my first taste of Japan last night. Ramen. Like legit Ramen. I cannot describe how amazing the broth was.... oh my God, I'm having flashbacks. The Ramen place was set up just like a Waffle House in the States. So weird. Cost-wise it was great! 2 meals and two apps for like 13 dollars (and we don't tip). We paid and left. 

Getting to the house was fun, you feel like you're driving on a one-way street because it's so narrow... but you aren't. The two American-sized parking spaces is great. I'll post tons of pics of the house and yard areas soon, but it's basically a mansion in comparison to other places. One master bedroom, 2 guestrooms/offices, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining area, kitchen, laundry room, huge shower room, tatami room, deck area, porch, and foyer... and I'm pretty sure I've missed something.

Basically, it's all so amazing and I feel like I've hit the jackpot. I start training at work on Tuesday, But until then I will be stuffing my face with delicious cuisine, hugging on the boyfriend, organizing the house, and settling in to my new life here. 

Pass the word on that I got here safe and sound. I'm sending hugs to everyone! 



  1. So excited for you...Have fun..Can't wait for the next chapters of this amazing journey for you!

  2. so happy for you and alex! wishing you all the best and missing you more than you know! All my love!
    Foxyred Supermodel

  3. yay, glad your safe. Have fun. Im gonna live vicariously through you. So very excited about your new adventure. thanks for keeping us updated! Don't forget about that photo opt...hahaha

  4. Hug ya back, losah :) Glad you found some Ramen...but you know...$13?! That ish is like .10/pack! And they have to ship it here! hahaha, keep updatin' blondezilla