Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane...


3 days until I get on a flight going to Japan!
  • Tallahassee to Atlanta - 1hr
  • Atlanta to Minneapolis - 2.75hrs
  • Minneapolis to Tokyo- 12.5hrs
It's going to be one long day of flying. 16ish hours of flight time. Hopefully I can get some major sleeping/reading done. However, there is another option because according to  Delta's website:

"A selection of beer is available for $5, while wine, spirits and cocktails are available for $7 on Delta and Delta Connection® carrier flights. On international flights of approximately six hours or longer, beer and wine are complimentary."

On that note... my day has been made. :) 


  1. YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...free booze! makes long flights so much better!