Thursday, December 30, 2010

Turning Japanese...

Hiya Family, Friends and Interneters!

I know everyone wants to know what's going down in the fabulous life of the neither rich nor famous Megs. Yours truly got an amazing job offer... in JAPAN! Yeah, I know right, Japan? How crazy is that. It's actually not so crazy, but I won't bore you with the unimportant details. Here's the Cliff Notes version:
  • Boyfriend (shall we call him Ajax? Yes, we shall) moved to Japan
  • Ajax suggested that I apply for jobs in Japan
    • Got turned down for teaching job. Rejection = sad Megs
    • I started going to the gym to distract self  (I'm workin' on my fitness)
  • Applied for dream job with Central Texas College as Programs Coordinator for shits and giggles.
  • Waited several months
  • Got email saying they wanted to interview me!
  • Interviewed
  • Got offered the job!

So that kind of brings y'all up-to-date with what's has happened up until now. They offered me the position on Wednesday the 19th of December and they wanted an answer by December 21st to start on January 3rd!!! They know that I currently live in the US- so that would give me 3ish weeks to move my life and say goodbye to my friends and fam.  I spent two days at home being nauseous and lazy trying to figure out what I really wanted to do. I've never had to make legit big-kid decisions like this before.

Finally came to the realization that I was only sick to my stomach because it was scary thinking about what other people would think of me wanting to move. I really wanted to do the Japan thing! Not only have I been presented with this amazing opportunity to not only work in a field I love that would look great on a resume and would help me advance my career and education, but I would get to experience life in another country for a length of time. All of that AND getting to be with Ajax? SOLD!

I emailed the college back Wednesday the 19th with some questions that I had about benefits and relocation stipends and start date extensions but said that I was definitely interested (it sounded pleasant enough for them to know that I was really wanting the position but noncommittal enough that I could back out later if my current job decided to decapitate me for leaving). Sent another email out on Friday because I had received no response and someone emailed back advising that the email had been passed along but that they couldn't guarantee that the message would be handled before January 3rd because the college was CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Yikes! I have spent the past two weeks waiting on a response to questions I had about the job. For an impatient person like me, it has been hell.

Pretty much the only thing that would stop me at this point would be if they said they didn't want me anymore. If the college says "Megs you are a crappy human being and you should rot in the US," then I'll stay. Ajax talked to some people who used to/currently work there and they told him not to worry that they had the same thing happen to them. I've done some side checking on the internets and apparently this kind of thing happens a lot with civilians working for the military overseas. I'm in limbo- I am officially stuck in relocation purgatory until probably Monday Jan 3rd - the original date I was supposed to start. Honestly, I feel so lame that they are going to get into the office on their Monday morning, expecting me (I mean seriously, I brighten people's days), and all they are going to get is a series of emails with my list of demands questions regarding the job and how I want it but cannot be there January 3rd.

However, despite not knowing for sure when I will be leaving (if the CTC people don't already hate me), I had to tell people. First the mom and brother and then the Cakkie and the friends and coworkers. This was for sure the scary part! I know that I could have told people in a better way, but honestly I was scared to death of not having a support group. My mom has the most odd daughter on the planet, but thank God she still loves me and wants me to experience life and be young (but not to skydive, because that's just crazy talk). My brother basically kicked me out of the US (yeah, he just wants to get a free plane tickets to Japan- he doesn't try to even hide it). It's such a blessing to have some great friends who are excited for me. Not everyone is on-board with the new Megs who wants to move away from the good ol' US of A, but that's okay.

Harder than telling the friends was telling my coworker, BB. BB rocks and I felt like I would be leaving her in a lurch. But when I met up with her for hot chocolate, she was overjoyed at this prospect for me. Said i would be crazy if I passed it up. Told my bosses and they were excited too! One of them lived in Japan for several years in the military and loved it-he even got me a "what to know about Japan" book for Christmas. Like I said, people have been so supportive! The support has gone above and beyond what I expected from everyone. It absolutely thrills me that people are being helpful and excited. Thank you guys!

I promise to keep everyone posted on what happens when the CTC people email me back. I've been packing because I feel like it's easier to pack and then unpack if I have to, than to start packing on Sunday when I (hopefully) find out for sure. Wish me luck!

Hasta Y'all,