Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's a Small World After All...

MWAHAHA! Now that song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day. But in all seriousness, it is a small world. I've definitely come to find that out in the past few months here. A few examples:

  1. A friend from college came here for her honeymoon and stayed literally 2 miles from where I live. She stayed with...
  2. Another person who went to college with us who lives in my neck of the woods here. (lol Just kidding, there's no woods here.)
  3. My wonderful little ginger Meems lives about 40 miles from me and I finally got to see her a couple weeks ago. And I got to meet her adorable son and show my guy off to her. 
  4. I have several people from FSU who are coming to visit Japan... and they made these plans before I even decided to move here.
Even after the earthquake, and subsequent tsunami and radiation freak out... I still maintain that Japan is a fabulous country. The area I'm at is relatively calm... more like Tallahassee than Orlando or Miami.

Work is going... well, work is just going. It's definitely pretty stressful at times. There are definitely days when I'm glad Ajax is on the ship and not at home because I'm sure he would get the brunt of my work-wrath. But it's only stressful because I make it that way most of the time... because I put everything I have into my job. I definitely see my efforts paying off though. Things are starting to change for the better. I'm helping to implement new policies and I'm personally redrafting procedures and handbooks. I love the crew that I supervise (and a few of the higher ups). I'm not sure who all knows (obviously if you're on Facebook then you couldn't help but to know) that I was the commencement speaker at a graduation ceremony at a base 2 weeks ago. It has been extremely nice to get to hobnob with some of the big-wigs of the military world through my job. I had a great time getting to visit on of the sites where my job has an office and to have the honor of being the youngest graduation speaker in base history. It's also fabulous to have a Captain tell you that he's sat through dozens of graduation speeches and that mine was the first one to make him laugh out loud.  Basically, I'm a badass. But you already knew that didn't you? Of course you did. 
Hydrangeas in my yard. :)

So... in addition to being the most awesome college programs coordinator that the world has ever seen... I've recently decided it's time to get back in shape. (Yes, round is a shape but I'd prefer not looking like a beach ball.) It has only been a week and a half since i started this shiznit... but I'm loving it. Smoothies with spinach and frozen no-sugar-added fruit OR a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Mid-morning almonds or healthy snack bar. To the dining hall on base for a nice lunch ($4 for lunch including drinks and they give you the calorie and fat content of everything so you can be conscious of what you're putting in your stomach). Bottles of water throughout the day. Leave work. Head to gym (rented a locker so I have NO EXCUSES).  Weight training, stair climber, elliptical, stretching, sometimes sauna. Head home. Eat a banana. Small dinner. Hot decaf tea for dessert. Pretend to do P90x every other day. (I say pretend because the other day this happened (exerpt from Facebook status update):
Day 5: 3.75m on elliptical, 20 flights, & P90X. Im counting P90X although I quit 20 mins in. What had happened was they started doing these circle runs... around a towel on the floor. Which OBVIOUSLY made me think of the Mexican hat dance. Which in turn made me think of making a margarita. It was very "if you give a mouse a cookie." I ended up watching the rest of the DVD w/ a drink in my hand sitting on the floor.
See, I am rocking this healthy stuff. At the gym today I had one butthead tell me that I wasn't stretching right and that "the gym should train people before they let them run amok in the workout areas."  Then he continued to monitor my stretching with his vulture eyes the rest of the time I was in the area. SERIOUSLY, homeslice? I worked in a friggin' gym for 2 years. I am 25 years old and can still do a full split. I can bend my body in half and put my hands flat on the floor while standing up. I can do a pretzel and put my feet behind my head. AND I  can touch my tongue to my nose. Dude... I'm more flexible than you will ever be and it's because I know how to stretch. Do not tell me I can't stretch. I was livid. I took the aggression out on the stair climber for 20 minutes though. Note: If you are a health buff please don't kill my dreams by telling me how not hardcore I am... I'm trying. I may not be able to run a 5k yet. But dangit I am making a change one step at a time. Funny enough I look forward to going to the gym every day and waking up to a fresh smoothie. My top 5 reasons for loving the gym:

5) It's so ginormous! I never have to wait for machines or have to get off of the treadmill because someone else wants a turn.
4) They turn on MTV music videos for me... I don't get the English MTV at mi casa in town. So it's really a nice treat to get something to sing along to.
3) Working out with massive amounts of military men checking me out is good for my ego.
2) I want sexy abs. IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN DARNIT!
1) They clean the gym with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Seriously, who doesn't absolutely love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? If you don't then you're a communist. Those things are amazing. Ajax bought me some as a going away gift.
Crazy snake statue outside of the PuroLand gates.

That's all the attention I can give you guys right now. I just got home from the gym and wanted to write some stuff down to share! I need to hop in the shower before I start killing the house trees with my stench. Yes, I have tiny house trees that look like Christmas trees. Ajax was all like "Meg these trees look kinda brown think they might need water?" My response "They're supposed to be brown they're growing their summer coat." I love them. I guess I don't love them enough though, like most of the plants I've sorta-tried to care for... they're not looking so hot lately. Whatever, that's what God invented green spray paint for :). They boyfriend will never have to know!

Future awesome updates will include the following: Hello Kitty Land, having a drunk Japanese man sing the Ms. America song to me, being proposed to in a bar (another drunk Japanese business man story), how Keno is the best game on the planet, finding more bars, and "Boy Scouts: Cute and Wilderness Ready Young Men or Business Mafia Swindling You Out of $20 for a Car Wash? You Decide."

Hasta luego! More to come!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Takin' Care of Business...

Hi Folks!

I know I've been such a slacker keeping everyone posted on what I've been up to lately. Work has been crazy due to the after effects of the earthquake, tsunamis, and nuclear reactor situations (oh my!). In addition to dealing with students dropping and adding classes left and right because of the disasters, I'm doing three people's jobs right now because we're working on hiring folks in the office. 
 Sometimes you just need a mini-biiru!
However, I'm doing pretty well with all of it. I've done such a good job that's I've was asked to deliver the commencement speech for a college graduation in Sasebo, Japan in June. I'm was absolutely freaked out... it was weird enough writing my "professional" bio, let alone writing a grad speech (the last grad speech I gave was my high school one, and I rushed through it!) But... I ROCKED THE HELL OUT OF IT! *does the happy dance* 

The photo above is from Haneda Airport on my way to Sasebo. 
One of the flights was cancelled due to "volcanic gas." Ha, only in Japan. 
I have so much more to talk about... I promise I will do more of an update tomorrow. Just wanted to tell you I'm not dead. :)

Love y'all!