Monday, June 27, 2011

Takin' Care of Business...

Hi Folks!

I know I've been such a slacker keeping everyone posted on what I've been up to lately. Work has been crazy due to the after effects of the earthquake, tsunamis, and nuclear reactor situations (oh my!). In addition to dealing with students dropping and adding classes left and right because of the disasters, I'm doing three people's jobs right now because we're working on hiring folks in the office. 
 Sometimes you just need a mini-biiru!
However, I'm doing pretty well with all of it. I've done such a good job that's I've was asked to deliver the commencement speech for a college graduation in Sasebo, Japan in June. I'm was absolutely freaked out... it was weird enough writing my "professional" bio, let alone writing a grad speech (the last grad speech I gave was my high school one, and I rushed through it!) But... I ROCKED THE HELL OUT OF IT! *does the happy dance* 

The photo above is from Haneda Airport on my way to Sasebo. 
One of the flights was cancelled due to "volcanic gas." Ha, only in Japan. 
I have so much more to talk about... I promise I will do more of an update tomorrow. Just wanted to tell you I'm not dead. :)

Love y'all!


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