Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank You For Being A Friend...

Have I mentioned how much I love my people?

You guys are all so wonderful to me. Thank you so much. I've been getting dozens of supportive emails/texts/calls/messages and they all mean so much to me. Moving to Japan is huge, but having all these well-wishes makes it way more exciting! Two of these messages are below, they make me so happy!

xoxox Megs


"As you start a new chapter in your life, we want you to know we wish you all the best.  This sounds like a GREAT opportunity, and we couldn't be happier for you.  I'm sure there won't be a hurdle you can't get over, through or around.  The possibilities are endless.  I admire your spirit and your willingness to step outside your comfort zone to experience life to it's fullest.  Hell, I'm a little jealous to tell you the truth."

"I know we see each other infrequently, but just knowing you're going all the way to Japan makes me miss you! I guess we will still see each other on facebook so it won't really change things much for us. I am excited and nervous for you all at the same time, but mostly excited! I can only imagine what YOU must be feeling. Thank you for keeping us all updated on what you're up to through your blog. We wish you the best of luck, I know this is a once in a lifetime experience for you and I think it will be life-changing (in a good way) for you. I think its wonderful that you are so brave and taking a risk like this."


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