Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Getting Hot in Here...

There are some days where everything reminds me of the first week I spent in Japan. The other night I had to go home early to meet with the A/C repair guys since boyfriend is sweating his britches off without a working A/C upstairs. Went home, make muffins, made edamame, and baked some tilapia for dinner. Cleaned the house, did the laundry, tidied up since people were coming over and did the dishes... all very typical Meg-esque things (have you not noticed my OCDness?). I thought it was going to be a very normal evening for me, which would have been okay considering Ajax was flying and wouldn't be home to entertain me. I couldn't have been more wrong...

A/C dude and landlord showed up at 6:30pm to work on things. 

Step 1- Offered the landlord and A/C guy a Gatorade since it was so hot where they were in the house (thus the reason for the visit). They flipped out... apparently Gatorade is not common over here (the closest thing is Pocari Sweat) and they were ecstatic.

Step 2- Listen to landlord describing the problem to repairman... heard repairman ask if I spoke Japanese. So I responded with "Nihongo ga skoshi dekimasu" (I speak a little Japanese) and they flip out again and go off on a tangent of Japanese phrases, none of which I understand. But I got a high-five out of it... that was fun. My landlord is a fan of high-fives.

Step 3- A/C guy can't fix A/C. :( He says whole unit needs to be replaced. Landlord wants to replace it with a combo heating and air unit which would be fabulous because our bedroom is freezing cold from Dec-March. He has to go shopping for a good one.

Step 4- A/C guy leaves. Landlord and I go on tour of the house (it's his place after all and he just wanted to see what we had done with the place since the last time he'd been in there). His favorite part was the new TV. He couldn't believe how thin it was. He kept checking it like it was suddenly going to get fatter.

Step 5- I offer landlord a seat at the table and ask if he wants beer. We only have Coors Light. I think I made his life complete. We sat and drank our beers out of Japanese style cups and ate edamame and talked about everything that we could find the common words to communicate about.  3 beers later I sent him hope with another Coors, a bag of blueberry muffins, and some edamame for a snack. He was all grins.

Things I learned from drinking Coors with my Japanese landlord last night:
  • He's 68 years old
  • He designed and build three of the ceiling lights in our house
  • He took 28 years to plan and build the house I live in
  • He's an architect and a painter
  • His son is a wine sommelier at a fancy shmancy hotel in Ebina
  • His daughter lives in Hawaii
  • He incorporated multiple secret areas into our house
  • His favorite fruit is blueberries (I made him muffins)
  • His shoe size is 4 inches smaller than Alex's
  • We're the first Americans to live in his neighborhood
  • He owns most of the neighborhood
  • He enjoys BBQ and American beer
  • He thinks I make OK edamame

He didn't want to take the picture because he said he wanted to get a hair cut first. :)

I believe that's about it. We had a great time chatting (him in Japanese and me in my English and random Japanese words that I throw in when I remember my lessons). Here's to more amazing times! Just wanted to let everyone know how eventful my "boring" evening turn out to be!

Partying hard!

Have a fabulous week,


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