Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Promises Promises...

Heya, I know I've been an absolute slacker lately. Apparently making time to blog when I'm actually around the people I started this blog for in the first place is proving more than a little difficult. 

I'm back in Florida for the moment being. It's been really nice seeing friends and family. I'm a little limited in seeing everyone I want to see, mainly because I don't have a car, nor do I want to rent one (maybe I'm just being lazy, but it's nice just sitting around and catching up on shows and just chillaxing at mi madre's house). 

But just to give everyone the short version about why/how I came back: Ajax asked me to go, my base approved "voluntary" evacs, work approved taking off 2 weeks, his parents had me on a flight 3 days later to ATL (THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!), my mom got me home from ATL to Tally (I love you Mama), after 2 random security checks/fondlings, a little stay in DC, 8 hours in ATL, and an emergency landing in Valdosta, GA... I was back in Tallahassee, FL. :) Believe it or not, the trip was fabulously zen. The only exception was the stay in DC because the loudspeaker announcements every 2 minutes were extremely loud and annoying. It was nothing like the quietness of Japan that I had gotten used to.

Yeah, I'm at my US home again. It's really nice to have multiple homes in multiple countries. It makes me feel oh-so accomplished. Since I've been home it's been wonderfully relaxing: pedicure, massage, church, hanging with my best friend, helping with church youth group, sleeping in, massive amounts of delicious mommy-made food, family egg-roll dinner, giving Japanese trinkets to people, and seeing all of the people who were worried about me overseas. I really am lucky to have on amazing support system of people. I feel very blessed.

That's about all I have for you right now... got to go get ready to make a run to Georgia with Mom for food and random adventures. 

Hope you're all doing awesome. :)


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