Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why Can't We Be Friends...

I'm like 90% sure that the people of Japan are incredibly afraid of Ajax and myself when we walk down the streets near our house. Folks get quieter than they already are normally. Those on bikes swerve around us. Heck, I made a toddler run away in the market (okay, that was really funny). But even though we may frighten everyone, they've been super nice. I go to bakeries and restaurants and they always welcome me and smile. (Perhaps it's because I'm a paying customer... but I choose to believe it's because of my amazing personality)

Random Japan thoughts for the day:

  • I love the bathrooms here! The showers are amazing. The toilets (not mine- but a lot of the nice bars/restaurants) have heated seats. And the public bathroom stalls don't have that creepy crack between the door and the stall walls where people can walk by and look at you. Yes, its weird that I'd notice that... but I did. 
  • Crows are everywhere! They are noisy and mean and ballsy. I'm considering a paintball gun. Black paintballs of course, so the Japanese neighbors wouldn't know I was pegging the birds.
  • Recycling is crazy here. It's absolutely nuts. So much work. I'll talk more on this soon! Apparently I'm a very trashy person though.
  • I get to go to a super secret saki tasting party on Saturday... more info on this soon too!
  • Yokohama is huge. We took a train to the main area of the city last night (Wed night here) and I was floored by the amount of sky-high housing units we passed on the way. The Yokohama train station has a full blown mall inside it, with everything from bakeries to peruvian flute music, to hat stores, to a seaweed market. It was phenomenal. 
  • We ate at a Japanese Italian restaurant. We had to use forks there... I'm not going to lie, I had almost forgotten how to use them!
So that's about it for me tonight. I'm going to crawl under the warm comfy sheets and pass out!

Give everyone hugs for me!

xoxo Meg

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  1. Glad to hear you're doing well and adjusting to your new adventure. I have to say, scaring the little children makes me laugh out loud...for real! Stay safe and Happy Valentine's Day.