Monday, July 11, 2011

So Tell Me What You Want (What You Really Really Want)...


It's Ajax's mom's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it's wonderful! I got a cake to celebrate... but since it's probably not a good idea to ship it from Japan, I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and eat it myself. How horrible, right?

On another note: I've gotten quite a few emails from people wanting to know what I want or need over here (I think people believe that I live in some third-world country where I can't get Coors Light or Lucky Charms and don't have access to anything but a squatoilet (yes, squat toilets are definitely alive and well in Japan. Remarkably easy to use, I might add). But never fear, dear Blog Readers... I am (for the most part) able to access most of the comforts of home, with the exception of a few items. I have compiled a list of things that I'd like IF you just have to send me a package over here. Seriously, this is not a request to get massive amounts of stuff, I promise. This is just for all my wonderful people who have asked me to compile this little list.

Things I could get shipped here but it's a hassle:
  • Aveda tea (actually, any decaf tea... the boyfriend and I go through a lot of tea... at least two cups nightly)
  • Aveda hair products- No Aveda here. :(
  • Rice crispy treats cereal- Obviously the best cereal on earth, and I can't find it on our bases.
  • Cheap clearance FSU stuff- I give FSU gifts to students/neighbors/landlord (we have to give presents out a lot here... it's like a cultural rule). So I'm trying to populate Japan with Seminole fans! Bumper stickers, cheapy hats and on-sale $4 tees are perfect. They eat them up! Or scrunchis! The women still love scrunchies here!!! And I know they go on turbo sale after football season because no one in the states uses them anymore. 
Things I need/want but won't buy myself:
  • Cardigans- I wear them to death here
  • Flat Shoes- I can buy them off base here but they are so expensive.
  • Magazines- Have to restock the bathroom reading material since Ajax lives in there.
  • Eyeliner- Base has crappy selection and off base is like 1100Y ($14) for eyeliner. WTF?
  • Funky earrings (especially cheap awesome ones from Country Dollar back in Tally-Tally ladies, hook me up!)
  • 100 calorie snacks and almonds - I do buy these for myself but I eat tons of them. 
Personal things from you that I would love:
  • Cards from you (SHOUT OUTS to Katie and Care! Carolyn sent me my FIRST piece of mail in my new mailbox... It was very exciting business! :) And Katie sent me THREE cards that I got all on the same day... they were hilarious! :) Made my morning to go to the post office and get cards.)
  • Printed pics
  • Old USBs full of music!!! Especially newer music (think past 6 months).
  • Visits. Seriously... when I say people have an open invitation to stay in Japan with us.. I mean it. We'd love to have visitors.
That's it for now... Ill probably think of more later but this is what I put together in about 5 minutes. I love you guys. Have a fabulous week. 

Stay out of trouble! 


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